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Creative Writing

When it comes to creative writing, there are lots of things to talk about. All kinds of writing have some special skills. Likewise, creating writing encompasses some special gifts. So, are you the one who is looking to become a professional creative writer? Then I must say that you have landed in the right place. 

In this blog, we have provided every nook about creative writing. I’m sure this blog will be helpful for you to improve your writing skill. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at creative writing. 

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What is a creative writing class?

Everyone wishes to improve their writing skills to get ahead in their writing career. But we can’t go back to school to do this. Thankfully, in this internet world, it is possible to take your classes online.

By taking an online writing course, you can polish your writing and can provide the best content to the public. The more you learn and practice, your way of writing will become better. Also, it will aid you in attracting and engaging your devoted audience.

Have you ever self-doubt about your creative writing capabilities? Are you looking for a better way to improve your writing skills? If yes, then take a professional creative writing class at Nurtem.

Creative Writing Types and Categories


Fiction is a kind of narration where the actions and events are made out of the writer’s imagination. Novels and short stories are some forms of creative writing. 


Non-fiction writing is nothing but writing journals, history, autobiographies, and other such genres. 


Scriptwriting is another form of writing skill. It is highly required for films, television shows, and video games. Scriptwriting can also be dubbed as screenwriting. For writing scripts, you need to enhance your innovation. Along with this, you need creativity and ideology for better concepts.

Poetry or Songwriting

Poetry or Songwriting is the most popular form of creative writing skill. Currently, many writers are using it on social media platforms.


Copywriting is an art of creativity. It can be used for marketing and advertising purposes. Even with copywriting, you can create:

What are the ways to improve your creative writing skills?

If you are not confident with your writing skills, try to improve them. In this technological world, learning various tricks to improve your writing skill is not as difficult as you think. Here, we’ve put together a list of writing skills that help you to improve your creative writing skills.

  1. Make a clear concept

Once, Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain a thing to a six years old one, then you don’t understand it by yourself.” Hence, before you begin writing, have a moment to get mentally prepared with your concept. Think about the main goal you wish to achieve via your idea and stick to it accordingly.

  1. Outline your complex message

If you are writing content with a complex message lined with multiple angles and questions, gather all the stuff together and outline it. Creating an outline can help you cover all the topics you wish to include in your creative writing. Also, this will help you to save time by finding answers to your questions. 

  1. Predict your reader’s mind

One of the main skills you should improve in your writing is predicting your reader’s mind. As a writing tip, convey the message from the reader’s view by your writing. This doesn’t mean that it should not be too wordy while describing. Rather, it should be easy to understand while reading.

  1. Avoid using filler words and phrases

Usually, some filler words show up in everyone’s writing. Though the filler words and phrases add some delightful meaning, they are often cluttered. So, try avoiding those in your writing if it is not necessary.

  1. Use simple spells

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, keep your words and sentences simple. To express your content clearly, you should know how to spell words exactly. Incorrect spells or a complex sentence can change the meaning of your content. 

Hence, whenever you learn a new word, know all the forms of it. As well their prepositions before using them in your writing.

  1. Improve your Grammar

If you wish to improve the quality of your writing, Grammar is an essential one. Always make use of appropriate tense and punctuations. Punctuation is another best way to make your writing fluent and clear.

What exactly is creative writing?

No matter how technical or non-technical your subject is, writing is creative to some extent. It is an art through which you can even transform boring content to readable and engage your readers.

There are many ways to define what creative writing is. In general, creative writing is a form of expression which aims to entertain, inspire, take the readers to an imaginary world. Further, with your writing, you can impact strong visuals in your reader’s mind.

Why is Creative Writing Important?

Are you wondering why creative writing is important? Below are some reasons why creative writing is essential. Here we go:

  1. Improves self-expression

People who write creatively on a regular basis will engage in self-expression. Self-expression is one of the healthy ways to navigate through emotions and thoughts. 

  1. Boost thinking skill

No matter what type of writer you are, learning to write is another way of learning how to think. Many people believe that creative writing is senseless because it is all about imagination. But, when you engage in creative writing, you can enhance your thinking skill out of the box. In advance, it will improve your problem-solving skills.

  1. Improves vocabulary

The languages we use to write in literature are not the same in business or personal writing. It means you need to explore some new ways to express your thoughts. Writing is one of the ways through which you can improve your vocabulary. 

  1. Improves self-confidence

Learning to write is an opportunity for the writers to develop their opinion to share with others. While sharing your opinion, you can greatly improve your self-confidence.

  1. Builds Creativity

Creativity is one of the best know facts of creative writing. Practicing a lot is a great deal when it comes to creativity. The more creative you are, the more you can come up as a great writer. 

Why learn Creative Writing with Nurtem?

Nurtem is one of the learning platforms where you can take creative writing classes based on your aim. Nurtem’s creative writing course is developed by a team of passionate tutors and educators who make your learning enjoyable. 

What to learn in creative writing

  • Learn the different concepts of good essay writing and storytelling.
  • Learn how to enhance your creativity and imagination via writing practice.
  • Learn to improve your language skills and vocabulary.
  • Learn to research, gather your findings together, and outline them.
  • Learn how to give feedback or review another writer’s work.


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How do I start just writing?

Are you willing to begin your writing journey? Don’t know where to begin your Writing? Follow these steps:

  • Recognize why you wish to become a writer.
  • Become a better reader.
  • Practice Everyday.
  • Enroll in a writing class.
  • Choose a topic and begin writing.
  • Start Journaling.
How can I practice writing?

One of the main goals in Writing practice is to enhance creative knowledge. So, to acquire more knowledge try to:

  • Write words and phrases.
  • Take writing quiz programs.
  • Dictation ( used for testing the writing and listening skills).
  • Create sentences with the help of newly learned words.
  • Take a writing class.
  • Do assignments.
  • Write shortly.
What are the elements of creative writing?
  • Rhyme and Rhythm.
  • Diction and dialog.
  • Narration.
  • Theme.
  • Line breaks and stanzas.
  • Figures of speech’
  • Point of view.
Are writing classes worth it?

Have you ever considered joining an online writing class but then wondered if it is worth it? Yes, writing classes are worth it if:

  • You are willing to spend your time and effort in Writing.
  • You can spend money on it.
  • You have recognized what you want to get out of it.


Is creative writing hard?

Creative writing is not hard. But, if you are not interested in writing then it is hard for you. Also, if you are not ready to put your effort into gaining new ideas, then, it will be hard.


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